2012. július 29., vasárnap


Heloo !

Here is the post about our last weekend. Friday is so close. I can't believe this. Time goes so quickly.
As i wrote earlier on Friday afternoon we went to Mellieha Bay, but at the end i "met" with a cute, sweet jellyfish. He wanted to be my friend, but unfortunately we can't. :( He touched me... Have you ever touched jellyfish? Don't try. :)
Later i will put up some picture about Mellieha and about my hand.
So let's continue!
Friday night. For us the preparation is a small party too. Volume up and let's dancee. :)
We went to Paceville, as usually. It was a bit different, because all of us felt this is the last weekend. Honestly i can't really write about the feelings and stuffs like this, but the night was definitely good and i loved every moment.
We live together. Zophie from Germany, me and Marion from France. 

On saturday we went to Paradise Bay. ( later..)
Saturday evening Paceville again. The beginning of the night was definitely shit. Zophie did not come, because she was tired. This made me sad. She knew this is our last saturday and she stayed at home...
Anyway... We went together with Marion. I wrote a list earlier, so we went to Bellini,last time.

After Paceville we went to the beach... :) 
Last weekend was the best weekend !

When i wrote this i was in Malta, now i'm at home and it is so sad to read back this. :( 
I'm going to post more picture as soon as i have more time. 


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