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Today's post is about Gozo, which is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea.  Gozo belongs to Malta, although Gozitan people usually say they are independent.  On the island only 31,000 people live. Most of the tourist go to Gozo and try to see everything in one day, but that is almost impossible.
Obviously you can go only by ferry. Ferry goes from Cirkewwa and sometimes from Valletta. If i am not wrong it goes in every hour. The intresting thing is that when you go you do not have to pay just on the way back, the price is small, only 4 euro.

Gozo provides a relaxing experience to the visitors. The island is peaceful and calm and here the landscape is greener and more beautiful.
Gozo is popular mainly because of the Azure Window, but there are a lot of sandy beaches too. The island is considered as the most popular diving place in the Mediterranean region.
The island is also well known for carnival. On the weekends many maltese people go to Gozo with ferry and even with yachts. It could be amazing to go around with a yacht. :)

Soon in the PART 2 i am going to write about the Azure Window.

This post is only in English, because i know most of the people who read my blog can speak English very well. Only the posts about Malta will be written in English, but anyone who wants me to write in Hungarian too please write a comment below then. 



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